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What's New in AV?

Posted: February 22, 2016



One of the biggest breakthrough trends in AV is the usage of video walls, which utilize multiple tiled monitors or panels in order to form one large viewing screen. These attention-grabbing walls provide a seamless picture with sharp, clear images.

Some of the main vendors of video walls are NEC and Samsung. Keep reading to learn more about what these brands have to offer.


NEC offers a few types of video wall technologies, including TileMatrix™ and TileComp™. TileMatrix™ allows users to experience an HD image across a wall without having to fuss with external hardware or software. They have designed a narrow bezel that minimizes gaps between the tiles in order to provide a more seamless image. In order to prevent overheating, NEC has also created a built-in heat sensor that automatically triggers cooling fans if temperatures rise above the user-defined temperature standards. With their calibration software, users are able to balance images through an easy-to-use software system. 



Along with NEC, Samsung has developed full HD panels that can deliver clear, sharp images. Their MagicInfo Video Wall Software enables users to schedule desired content, show live camera or PC feeds, and uniquely customize the content shown on the wall. Narrow bezels can reduce the gap between panels and provide a smooth image for viewers. Certain Samsung models are able to utilize their Advanced Color Management (ACM), which auto-adjusts color levels throughout the wall. Although video walls can be pricy, Samsung is able to provide basic video walls at an affordable price.


Where to Buy
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