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Vertical AVTV Installs Digital Signage

In Charles Schwab Locations

Posted: March 17, 2016

Charles Schwab Corporation, an esteemed American financial company, utilizes Vertical AVTV’s audio/visual expertise for close to 200 of their locations around the U.S.  One of the latest trends in the AV community is the use of digital signage, like tickers, kiosks, and video walls. Keep reading to see how Vertical AVTV helped bring digital signage to four of Charles Schwab’s locations.

Charles Schwab – Boston, Massachusetts - Vertical AVTV installed an LED NanoLumens ticker outside of Charles Schwab’s location on 30 Federal Street. It measures 27 feet long by 7 feet high.


Charles Schwab – Upper East Side, New York City, NY - Vertical AVTV installed a 4 MM NanoLumens ticker for their location on the Upper East Side measuring 29.10 inches high by 454.29 inches wide. They also provided a backup media player, switch, UPS, and webcam for Charles Schwab in case the originals were to malfunction. 


Charles Schwab – San Francisco, California - Vertical AVTV provided and installed a 6.25 MM LED ticker for their location at 211 Main Street. The ticker measures 53.31 feet wide by 2.46 feet high.


Charles Schwab – Park Avenue, New York City, NY - Vertical AVTV provided and installed an “L” shaped NanoLumens 6 MM ticker display measuring 2.46 feet high by 58.24 feet wide. The decision to install this type of ticker came from research on its maintenance, brightness, weight, durability, and life expectancy. The ticker is one of the most dynamic and vibrant stock tickers in the entire city.



Shoppers Want Digital Technology

In Stores

Posted: March 1, 2016

According to a PR Newswire article, shoppers are wanting more out of their shopping experiences. More specifically, they want the shopping experience that they have in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments to match up with the experience they have when shopping online.

Online stores allow customers to search for their desired items quickly and with data-driven technology. A shopper’s time is valuable, and many people don’t have time to browse through a store when they can quickly find and purchase the same item online.

Today, customers are looking for in-store technology to help give them a self-directed shopping experience, similar to the one they would have in an online store. Such technology could include digital signage, kiosks, and interactive displays that could help direct shoppers to their desired items. One popular form of digital signage in retail locations in the usage of store directories, which display a map of the store or mall as well as advertisements from third-parties. 

Research from a study by InReality shows that “69 percent of shoppers stated they would be more likely to buy in-store if given self-help technologies like kiosks or interactive displays”. Here is more information from this report. If you’d like to hear more about digital signage options for your business, call us today at (404) 352-2488.

Newswire post: Yahoo Finance



Digital Display Signage

Meets The Curve

Posted: May 19, 2014

You’re walking through a large space and suddenly see what seems to be a digital sign wrapped around a column. You wonder if it’s just your imagination. But, you look again – it’s not. Yes, that video screen is literally wrapped around that huge column. Welcome to the next big trend in digital display signage.

Curved digital signage, also referred to as flexible digital signage, is just what the name implies. With the newest LED technology, display screens can now be made in any size, shape or curvature. Digital signage is no longer confined to a flat, rectangular screen.

Flexible Digital Signage in Office Spaces
From displays at large tradeshows to public transportation space such as airports and train stations, the possibilities for flexible digital signage are numerous. As a commercial property manager or building office manager, you may be wondering how this new trend could be utilized in your environment. Several options include: 

  • Lobby Space – a cylindrical display can be mounted above and hang over the center of a lobby.
  • Support Columns – these support structures are found in many open building spaces and are large surfaces that can be wrapped with LED displays.
  • Curved Walls – for buildings with curved walls, displays can be created to conform to the curve, providing a sleek look not possible with traditional rectangular displays.

Increased Communication and Advertising Opportunities
Flexible digital signage not only offers property managers more opportunities to communicate with those who work in their buildings but also offers another advertising channel and thus an additional revenue stream. 

If you would like to explore how curved digital signage could be utilized in your indoor environment, talk to Vertical AVTV. We will visit your space and help you uncover possibilities for the newest trend in digital signage.